100% Natural Plant Fiber Product

FINECO – Changing the standard for eco-friendly disposables.


Korea, the heavy user of plastic among OECD countries

Paradoxically, as evidenced by this, the voices of the government, businesses, and consumers calling for the environment are also more active than in any other country.

However, the rate at which eco-friendly products are universally spread is only quite slow compared to the social interest and effort.

So FINECO is paying attention. So far, eco-friendliness

Wasn't it completely beneficial to humans?
Is the name and reality different according to economic logic?
Whether the value was inverted from the perspective of corporate interests

FINECO offers an excellent alternative to plastic disposables as a solution for reducing plastics.
We propose eco-friendly products that are harmless to humans as well as the global environment, beneficial to businesses and consumers, and easy to apply and use.

We start with the easiest and most practical eco-friendly solution for anyone.