100% Natural Plant Fiber Product

100% natural, 100% natural return.

Product Features

Unique product features of  

FINECO whose R&D institute has developed innovative technology for manufacturing and top sealing bagasse containers.

The technology has been patented and can help you maximize the benefits of using bagasse containers thanks to the following features:

  • uses sugar cane pulp as raw material for their containers. However, thanks to our patented manufacturing technology containers not only match the solutions existing in the market in strength and durability, but also surpass them in some qualities such as storage longevity, as well as water and temperature resistance (please, refer to the features comparison file). Unlike other companies, FINECO does not use plastic and/or PLA coating because it was able to develop a technology that uses zero harmful chemical substances without compromising their product’s functionality, and even enhancing it comparing to its competitors.
  • developed the top sealing technology for bagasse containers which up till now only existed for plastic containers. The technology guarantees adhesion of top sealing film to the bagasse container. It allows leak-proof storage which is crucial when it comes to packaging of fresh meat and other liquid foods. After the container is unsealed the top plastic film can be easily and completely removed from the container. The peel-off function helps to separate the two parts (100% biodegradable bagasse container and recyclable plastic film) to redirect each one to their proper disposal channels. The combination of the two functions FINECO’s technology makes it the first one in the packaging industry to solve the problem of the top sealing film adhesiveness and recyclability at the same time.

Below, here is a short explanation about the product patents which is already summarized in the features comparison document as below.

Fineco product technology is based on 2 patents as explained below

  • Patent 1: Disposable container using bagasse and hemicellulose and the manufacturing method thereof
  • Patent 2: The peel-off Disposables Development of pulp container using Bagasse and Hemicellulose
  • Actually, in the market, mainly bagasse and cellulose are used for eco-friendly /bagasse container which some time are not strong and safe enough regarding the content/product put in the container, and then PLA coating / plastic coating is used to make the container stronger and safer, for instance, which is not really healthy.
  • So, here, regarding Fineco solution, the use of Hemicellulose which is a component where chemical properties have several qualities like providing several layers, etc… is the key because it helps to reinforce the bagasse container regarding the lack providing by using only cellulose.
  • So regarding patent 2, Fineco top sealing film has 2 features which are the following:
    • Adhesive / sticking / bonding function to stick the container and film together => this function is the only one available now for top sealing existing plastic film
    • Peel-off function to separate the container and the film => this function is innovative and 1st in the history because it is not existing for existing top sealing plastic film

Note: Existing top sealing plastic film and plastic container because they are same material, stick very well together and because they are both recyclable such a peel-off function is not needed.

But a peel-off function is added value and meaning full with Fineco solution because it helps to separate 2 parts ( biodegradable & recyclable) which are not same material and redirected each one to their proper channel of destruction safely and prevent biodegradable & recyclable material to be destroyed together which is not eco-friendly or ESG, if it occurs.

Features comparison table of 

Other Bagasse
Raw materials
  • Bagasse, crushed sugarcane stalk
  • Hemicellulose composition
  • Bagasse or mixed only
  • Cellulose composition
  • Plastics
(Environment, Social, Governance )
  • Fully Compliant
  • Partially Compliant
  • Not compliant
  • 100% biodegradable within 6 weeks
  • 100% natural plant fiber
  • 0% harmful substance
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Compostable

Not compliant / partially compliant

  • Non-biodegradable
  • Not compostable
  • Partially recyclable
Highly resistance / Water-proof, Oil-proof
  • No fluorine-based water repellent coating
  • Highly reliable quality level ( due to patent technology)
  • fluorine-based water repellent coating
  • Grease & water resistant
  • Chemical treatment used
  • Entirely grease & water resistant
  • Chemical treatment used
Temperature (Heat and cold) resistance
  • Excellent (from –40℃ to +250℃)
  • Freezer fully compliant (Frozen proof)
  • Microwave fully compliant
  • Oven fully compliant
  • Good (from –25℃/-20℃ to +110℃/250℃)
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Not Oven safe except with time limitation
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe only for those marked microwave safe or PP
  • Oven not possible
Preservation (storing) time
  • Long preservation time than average (due to eco-friendly laminating)
  • Allow to keep / maintain shelf life of fresh foods up to 25 days (due to Eco-friendly laminated film)
  • Fresh meat conservation fully compliant
  • Short term
  • Long-term
Sturdy / Durable
  • No deformation due to temperature/humidity changes during distribution
  • Reliable for 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • Partially compliant
  • Similar durability
  • Longer durability
  • No PLA coating or chemical treatment
  • Non-toxic and entirely safe
  • Safe, non-toxic
  • PLA coating
  • Widely accepted as generally “safe”; concerns over the use of BPA, BPS, BPF chemicals
Eco-friendly Coating
  • Fully compliant
  • Not compliant (such as PLA Coating)
  • Not compliant
Eco-friendly Laminated film
  • Fully compliant
  • Not compliant
  • Not compliant
High Quality of top sealing film
  • Highly compliant
  • Film quality (three layer)
  • Not compliant
  • compliant
Transparence of top sealing film
  • Highly compliant
  • Highly advanced anti-fog feature
  • Compliant
  • Inside content could not be properly checked
  • compliant
Top sealing film tech
  • Unique & Innovative adhesive / bonding function only for eco-friendly container
  • Unique & innovative Peel-off function to separate eco-friendly container & plastic film (due to patent technology)
  • Leak proof & secured lid
  • Peel-off function without leak proof sealing
  • Leak-proof sealing without easy separability
  • Only adhesive/ bonding function available
  • Innovative top sealing film easily recyclable after separation from container
  • Container can be reused
  • Top sealing film not recyclable after separation from container (bad separation from container)
  • Container are not reusable & partially recyclable
  • Partially compliant (depend of plastic material use)
  • Fully compliant with food container/packaging standards
  • Compliant with food container/packaging standards
  • Compliant with food container/packaging standards

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